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Working with Discourse Representation Theory


Book: Working with Discourse Representation Theory, online edition

Official book website (no errata page at present)

Status: I emailed Johan Bos with a copy of this errata list on 2003-08-22, and he acknowledged it on 2003-09-01.


Minor typos:
p4: "extremely simply" should be "extremely simple".
p14: "We proceed is follows" should be "We proceed as follows".
p37: "adapts easily DRS languages" should be "adapts easily to DRS languages".
p58: "engineerinng" should be "engineering".
p67: "hold" should be "held".
p70: "try to proof" should be "try to prove".
p72: "Note that there also noun phrases" should be "Note that there are also noun phrases".
p75: "The choose the foci" should be "To choose the foci". Also, "These, we call it the expected foci" should be "These, we call them the expected foci".
p91: In the top DRS, should "COLLAPSE(y)" be "COLLAPSE(x)"? Also, "But note that we had have could carry out" should be "But note that we could carry out".
p103: "local accommdation" should be "local accommodation". And "definites descriptions" should be "definite descriptions".
p110: "Mia is a married" should be "Mia is married".
p116: "tries to proof" should be "tries to prove". Also, "nontheless" should be "nonetheless".

On p120, the URL given for Otter doesn't work. The new link is:
Actually, going to:
also works (it automatically redirects to the first URL), and this may be more stable in the long term.

Also, p58 includes the line "More to be added..."

References to "Chapter ??", presumably because the relevant chapter is in part I of the book:
p3 (twice)
p13 (twice)
p37 (twice)
p45 (twice)
p49 (twice)

Similarly, p24 refers to "Exercise ??" (twice).

References to "Chapter X", which need to clarify that X is the chapter number in part I (rather than the current volume):
p19: "Chapter 1"
p28: "Chapter 1"
p29: "Chapter 1"
p32: "Chapter 1"
p47: "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3"
p53: "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3" (four times)
p55: "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3"
p57: "Chapter 3"
p67: "Chapter 6"
p68: "Chapter 6"
p69: "Chapter 6"
p101: "Chapter 6"
p111: "Chapter 5"
p112: "Chapter 6"
p119: "Chapter 6"

References to "Chapter X", where X>6, i.e. they are references to chapters in Part II, but should actually be "Chapter X-6" (allowing for the 6 chapters in Part I of the book):
p16: "Chapter 9"
p57: "Section 8.2"
p61: "Chapter 8", "Chapter 7", "Chapter 11"
p66: "Chapter 7"
p69: "Chapter 10"
p94: "Chapter 11"
p95: "Chapter 11"
p96: "Chapter 11" (twice)
p101: "Chapter 11"
p110: "Chapter 10", "Chapter 7"
p114: "Chapter 10"

These are the same issues from the corresponding appendix in part I:
p147: "proof whether" should say "prove whether".
p150: The grammar is incomplete, as it doesn't include a line for noun, i.e. noun(Agr) --> [X], {lexicon(noun,Agr,X)}.

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