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Natural Language Processing in PROLOG


Book: Natural Language Processing in PROLOG, First Edition, second printing (hardback)
ISBN: 0-201-18053-7

Official book website (no errata page at present)

Status: I emailed Chris Mellish with a copy of this errata list on 2003-09-11, but to date I have not received any reply.


N.B. I haven't read the whole book, so this list only covers the first 6 chapters.

Page 29:

Error in "haha!" FSA (TO-LAUGH-4) - it will accept "!". This would be valid for "(ha)*!" but not for "(ha)+!" The solution is to have 3 states:

Initial 1
Final 3
From 1 to 2 by ha
From 2 to 2 by ha
From 2 to 3 by !

(This is later referenced on page 89.)

Page 87:

Not exactly an error, but initial/final nodes are now stored as "initial(s, 0)." rather than "initial(0, s)." The latter approach makes more sense, as it's consistent with the other facts (the network name being the final argument), and also with the RTN earlier in the chapter (p83 onwards).

Page 102:

End of 2nd paragraph, "analyzes" should be "analyses" (noun rather than verb).

Page 103:

"PATR" - term is introduced here, but isn't defined anywhere (here or following pages). Not actually an acronym? (I can't find an explanation on Google.)

Page 141:

"Gramars" should be "Grammars"

Page 209:

In the definition of "new_edges" at the bottom of the page, the final "." should be a ",", since the clause is continued on the following page.

Page 212:

In the 2nd and 3rd lines of "test", Chart1 and Agenda should be the other way around. So, the clause should say:

test(String) :-
start_agenda(String, 0, Agenda),
start_active(Symbol, 0, Chart1),

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