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Change log - 2002

This lists changes to my website in 2002. The most recent changes are at the top of this page, and the oldest ones are at the bottom.

31 December, 2002

Just sneaking in under the wire, for the final changes of the year...

I've now converted all of the remaining pages on this site into XHTML, so that the entire site now validates. In the process, I've fixed dead links as I encountered them, and made a few minor text changes.

24 November, 2002

Another long pause, but the overhaul continues.

Updated my CV again, now that I've got an extra A level (A grade in Physics), and left my job to start my MSc.

Converted all of the comics pages into XHTML. Also, updated the physical storage page (expanded the "Dividers" and "Anthologies" sections), and the "where to go" page (added a link to Gosh! and marketplaces, corrected a typo, added anchors at the top, and amended time specific references such as "last year").

Removed my geek code page - I never learnt how to read the things without looking them up, and they seem a bit silly now. Anyone who's interested in them can go to the official page.

Updated the hierarchy, to reflect new additions over the last few years (and converted it to XHTML).

Now that William has his own website in Durham, I've updated my friends page to point at it, and removed his pages from this site (along with references to them). Also fixed obsolete links to other friends' pages. (Will re-write all the text on that page soon.)

Converted the change logs for 1999 and 1998 into XHTML.

28 April, 2002

Well, after a long pause, I've got round to updating this site again. No changes in 2001, primarily because I was working on the ICSF site.

I've moved 2000's change log to a separate page.

I've updated my CV. This has updated qualifications, but no longer includes my postal address or telephone numbers.

I've started updating the site to XHTML 1.0 (Strict) - so far I've done this page, the change log for 2000, my CV, and the main index page.

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