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Favourite quotes from comics

Here is a selected list of some of my favourite quotes from the various comics that I've read. But first, some clarification about what this list is, and what it isn't. I've deliberately chosen to focus on quotes that resonated with me, which means that these are the serious and/or inspirational phrases, rather than the funny ones. I'm sure there are other pages that have lists of jokes, and I'll link to some here if I come across them. There are also some quotes that aren't here because they only make sense in context. For instance, when the Hulk said "Hey, Wonderman, make a wish!" in The Last Avengers Story, that was one of the most chilling things I'd ever read. But in isolation, it probably doesn't have the same effect on you. I will of course be updating this page in the future, as I read, or re-read, other comics. So, on with the list:

"Just because I have powers which would make it tempting to ignore the law - doesn't give me the right to."
(Vance Astrovik, New Warriors v1 #25)

"Okay, fine, you win. The people I care about are more important to me than the things I care about."
(Nova, New Warriors v1 #40)

"A world without heroes isn't worth living in!"
(Justice, New Warriors v1 #74)

"We humans don't need superpowers to make a difference!"
(Night Thrasher, New Warriors v1 #75)

"With great power comes great responsibility."
(Spider-Man, Amazing Fantasy #15)

"With great power comes great responsibility. Even if that great responsibility means losing that great power."
(Spider-Man, Spider-Man: The Final Chapter #4)

"It is not fate that has lead us to be what we are. Nor is it entirely choice. But it is up to us to have faith that what we do is for the greater good. We must believe in ourselves."
(Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider v2 #17)

"And I - I have shown him ... that a man without hope is a man without fear."
(The Kingpin, Daredevil v1 #229)

"It's time to show them that a man without love - is a man without fear."
(Daredevil 2099, 2099: Genesis)

"You still got a lot to learn about power, son. When to use it ... and when not to. Sometimes ... power means diddly."
(Venture, Spider-Man 2099 #25)

"And is that why we do what we do? For public approval, for fame? Do we help people because they will be appropriately grateful - or merely because they need the help?"
(The Confessor, Astro City v2 #8)

"What power would Hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven?"
(Morpheus, Sandman #4)

"No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise."
(Rorschach, Watchmen #12)

"They chose the man who would kill over the man who wouldn't ... and now they're dead."
(Magog, Kingdom Come #2)

"It's really very simple. In this world, there is right and there is wrong ... and that distinction is not difficult to make."
(Superman, Kingdom Come #3)

"I hate it when people jerk around the system and get off. I'm guilty. I should pay. No apologies. No excuses."
(The Punisher, Punisher v1 (1995) #1)

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