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When I was younger (specifically, when I was at school), I used to write quite a lot of fiction. I haven't done so much of it of late, but I try to keep my hand in. Here are a few short stories that I've written:

I wrote Psilence in 1998, and an abridged version of it appeared in the ICSF fanzine Synergy.

I then wrote Relative values in 1999, although this wasn't published. In retrospect, I think that the concept was better than the execution. Be aware that some people may find the content of this story offensive.

In 2000, I wrote Transition, which was published in the ICSF fanzine Axiom along with a very nice drawing that Michelle did for it.

At some stage, I intend to put up commentaries on these essays, to explain what I was trying to achieve.

I've also done some poetry, which was unusual...

If you have comments on any of these, then please email me.

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