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Not everyone I know has their own website, but some of my friends do, so I've listed them here in the order that I met people.


We met in 1994, and shared a house for a year in Durham when we were undergrads, and then again for four years while we were working in London. His web page is a bit on the spartan side.


Another Durham-ite, who recently stood for election in Yorkshire.


I first met H-L at a book signing in 1997, and subsequently got involved with ICSF (a university science fiction society) through her introduction, despite not actually being a student at Imperial!


He may not like Star Trek, but I guess nobody's perfect. Bob was one of the first people I met at ICSF, and in my first year with the society he was present at every ICSF event I attended (mainly Babylon 5 video screenings and bar nights), which he generally organised himself.


Another of the "original" ICSF members (from when I first joined). She's mainly responsible for me starting ballroom dancing at Imperial, which I enjoyed a lot, although I haven't had the chance to continue with it since finishing my MSc.


A fellow computer scientist, Billy was my hand-picked successor when I left a previous job.


Someone else who appreciates the merits of cheesy music and media tie-in novels. We joined ICSF at the same time, although we didn't get to know each other until later, and we shared a flat for a few years.


I met Steve through mutual friends at ICSF, although he was actually a member of the outdoor club at the time. Previous holder of the world record for extreme ironing, he has several photos of mountains on his website, and he taught me how to climb.


One of the first people I met in Croydon, she's taught me a lot about first aid, and we both do volunteer work with St John Ambulance.

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