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SCUBA diving

Back in June 2000, I went off SCUBA diving in the Red Sea (staying in Sharm El Sheikh). This was a PADI course, arranged via Regal Diving, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't dived since, but that's only because it's a bit expensive to keep jetting off round the world (particularly as a student!), and I don't fancy the English coastline much. Anyway, on with the photos. These were taken with an underwater camera that I rented for the day, although as you can see there are a few that were taken on the surface/shore.

N.B. Some of these descriptions are a little vague, so please let me know if you have any more accurate information about the pictures.


Unfortunately, as you get deeper underwater, the camera doesn't really capture the colours so well, so some of the coral that looks really spectacular in person looks rather drab here. But hopefully you can get a feel for it anyway. You will also notice how many fish there are around - I was literally swimming right up to them, as they weren't scared of us at all.

Blue fish:
A shoal of blue fish

Coral reef
More coral
Even more coral

Random fish, swimming past coral:
Fish swimming past coral

Fish and coral (note the flat fish near the top middle):
Various fish and coral

Jellyfish (the transparent blobs near the top) - harmless, as long as you watch where you're going:
Several small jellyfish just below the surface

Zebra fish - this is one of my two favourite photos from this set as it's clear, and reminds me of a scene from Tarzan (the Disney film):
A shoal of zebra fish Zebra fish in Tarzan

Zebra fish swimming past coral:
One zebra fish swimming past coral

Divers in action

There were about 10 of us in the class - a few people knew each other from beforehand (2 pairs), but beyond that we were all meeting for the first time. We got on well together, and socialised with each other during the week, although our paths have diverged since we returned to England.

Someone doing the initial vertical descent, when you jump into the water from the boat (note the air bubbles in the bottom left corner, from another diver further down):
A diver making the initial vertical descent

A couple of divers at the bottom of the sea:
Two divers at the bottom of the sea

Peak performance buoyance exercise (Jackie swimming between Nikki and someone else) - this is my other favourite photo:
Peak performance buoyancy exercise

Divers around the back of our boat (the Sodfa) - note the odd ladder (alternate steps missing) on the boat:
Divers entering the sea from the boat
Most divers in the sea
Divers returning to the boat

Various divers on the surface of the sea:
Various divers on the surface of the sea

Divers at rest

Miguel and Jackie, sitting on top deck:
Miguel and Jackie on the boat

John (not me, someone else) and Julia, sitting on top deck:
John and Julia on the boat

Ellen sitting on top deck:
Ellen on the boat

Nikki, Delphine, and Ian, sitting inside the boat:
Nikki, Delphine, and Ian inside the boat

Greg (our instructor) and Heloise, at the bar in the hotel:
Greg and Heloise at the bar

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