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Okay, if you're reading this then you're probably interested in what I think about various issues. Some of my views are a bit controversial, and there are some in particular which may never appear on the website. Consequently, you may wish to avoid reading further if you are easily offended. That said, I (obviously) think that all my views are reasonable, and there isn't any bigotry here.

If you are a parent, concerned about what your child might be looking at, I'd recommend enabling content ratings in your web browser (assuming that they are supported). I have rated all of my pages with ICRA, so you should be able to moderate your access that way. Having said that, there are some grey areas. For instance, if I refer to dinosaurs being around 65 million years ago, is that disrespectful to religions (specifically, Creationists)? I would say not, but others may disagree. Also, some of these pages deal with darker themes which aren't covered by the ratings scheme. If you have an alternate labelling scheme that you would like me to use (in addition to ICRA), then let me know.

If you do violently disagree with anything here, please mail me in the first instance, rather than complaining to my ISP. I will take any criticism seriously, and will remove the offending content if you persuade me that it shouldn't be here.

I should probably clarify here that these views are my own, and not necessarily those of my ISP or the company that I work for (but you never know!).

Taking a different tack, I have no wish to plagiarize anybody else's work here. Where I think it is appropriate, and I can remember where I heard something, I will acknowledge the original author. However, I think that we are all influenced by the people we meet and the events we experience to some extent, so it can be hard to know where to draw the line. If you see something that makes you think "He's ripping that off!", please contact me and I shall add the appropriate attribution.

Finally, there is quite a lot of variety in my views. However, what they all have in common is that I truly believe them all. Please consider them, and maybe they will become yours too!

This page was last updated on 2003-12-29 by John C. Kirk

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