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Change log - 2003

This lists changes to my website in 2003. The most recent changes are at the top of this page, and the oldest ones are at the bottom.

31 December, 2003

Added errata for five extra books.

30 December, 2003

Created a new section for book errata.

Various updates in the comics section, particularly on the Sandman spinoffs page.

Did some minor restructuring to the site (moved icons to a separate folder).

21 December, 2003

Updated my CV.

Updated the films section: added a list of quotes, and some new reviews (Matrix Revolutions, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sliding Doors, Terminator 3).

Updated the television section, with new content on the Highlander page (particularly regarding DVDs) and a new quote.

Updated the books section, with new content on the Trek novels page and a new list of quotes.

2 August, 2003

Added a new page about laser surgery on eyes.

13 July, 2003

Various invisible changes. Fixed a few broken links and XHTML validation errors, and made sure that the CSS validates correctly. Also made the site more accessible (as per the W3C WAI guidelines) - it's currently level AA (aside from the photo galleries, which are only level A), and I hope to raise it to level AAA soon. As part of this process, I've provided definitions for all acronyms and abbreviations on the site.

Added a couple of new photos, and added a link to Steve's website on my friends page.

7 July, 2003

Updated the entire site with ICRA ratings.

New photo (flaming barbeque) in the miscellaneous area.

Added a couple of extra links in the comics section.

Updated the Bean film review with details of the DVD.

Added a few new TV quotes.

Various minor changes.

8 June, 2003

Added two new film reviews: Bean and Matrix Reloaded.

Updated the quotes and links pages in the comics section.

Redesigned my home page, and reorganised the layout of the site a bit. In particular, I've added new sections for books and TV, with new content there.

11 May, 2003

Added an opinion piece about being vegetarian.

In the comics section, I've updated the strips page, and added new pages: links, Sandman spinoffs, and what I read.

I've also started using a stylesheet on this site, which should hopefully make it slightly more interesting to look at.

9 May, 2003

Updated the comics section - as well as minor changes, I've added details of some online stores, some extra online strips, and a list of favourite quotes.

Added a review of X-Men 2.

On my home page, I've added a link to my LiveJournal, and removed the promise of a Quantum Leaper archive, since it's not likely to happen in the imminent future.

30 March, 2003

Updated my CV.

16 February, 2003

Added a new page to my comics section: why I stopped reading Daredevil. Also added a film reviews section.

15 February, 2003

Updated the photo album. I've added a new picture of our cat, and various photos from my diving holiday in the Red Sea a few years ago. I've also restructured the album into separate pages, rather than one big page.

26 January, 2003

Updated the photo album.

24 January, 2003

Added a photo album to the site.

I've moved 2002's change log to a separate page.

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